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Animal Handling, Feeding & Bedding.

We stock the latest technology for the safe and convenient handling of livestock. Handling livestock (dosing, testing, etc.) can be a stressful environment for both the animal and the farmer. We now stock a number of products that simplify this operation - eliminating all of the hassle and maximising efficiency.

Animal Handling Equipment


                De-Horner                                                                             Hoof Trimmer                                                           Portable Cattle Crush



Cattle Weighing Scales SW300

Cattle Weighing Scales

The cattle scales fits into all crushes - 26 inches wide and 7 foot long.  It is made from aluminium chequer plate.  The scales is powered by 2 AA batteries so you can weigh whenever and wherever you like. The weight locks on when “L” appears on the box after few seconds, despite restless animal movement.






Cattle Weighing Scales SW4600

Control Unit


   The SW4600 EID VID stores up to 10,000 tag numbers.  The weigh box will save the date,    time, tag number and weight of the animal.   It calculates average daily weight gains at        the crush and this can all be down-loaded to your PC.  It also comes with a Stock Weigh      Software Programme.






Cattle Crushes

 Full Crush  Auto Crush Gate


Full Cattle Crush with End Gate and Semi Auto Crush Gate on other side




 Feed Barriers

 Self Locking Barriers       Standard Feed Barriers



 Yard Gate      Dividing Gate    Calving Gate

               Yard Gate                                                Telescopic Dividing Gate with Creep Gate                Calving Gate




Cubicles   Head to Head Flexi  Cubicles

          Cubicles                                                                        Head to Head Flexi                                                 Fixed Cantilever Calf Cubicles - Also in Flexi

Sheep Handling Equipment

Sheep Race   Sheep Race

                                                                                               Sheep Race


Lamb Adoption Unit                          Sheep Pen

                Lamb Adoption Unit                                                                                            Sheep Pen

Creep Feeders

Calf Creep Feeder      Lamb Creep Feeder 

                               Calf Creep Feeder                                                      Lamb Creep Feeder


Calf/Sheep Staller

Calf/Sheep Staller

This can be attached to your quad.  To take a look go to Quad Attachments.

Rubber Matting


KRAIBURG – Your specialist in animal house floorings

For more than 40 years KRAIBURG have been developing rubber mats. They are one of the leading suppliers of house floor coverings. Their robust walking area and lying area mats with their exactly designed softness do offer the necessary comfort and a long-term solution.

Rubber mats are subject to extremely high stress in agriculture. Kraiburg have been manufacturing high-quality rubber mixtures with a unique process for over 40 years.

Click on THIS LINK and take a look at the Kraiburg site.  There are so many solutions available to every different environment your animals are in.  Kraiburg have a hugh Research & Development area where they are constantly working at providing maximum benefit for the animal and the farmer.

We at Michael Hurley Farm Machinery will assist you in design/choices, measurement and can organise laying of your matting with our recommended sub-contractors.  Call Gerard Lordan on 086-2531080 to discuss your requirements further.

 Completed by Michael Hurley Farm Machinery This is an example of our matting.

Take a closer look at the quality of our Kraiburg mats......

  Pig Slatted Mat